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    Yorkville Village 1967


  4. My friend’s wifi password is Alohomora because it unlocks things and YEAH! that’s awesome

  5. Dinner in my backyard.
    Savor in the last nights at this house.

  6. shutupkristen:

    Tonights #RandomActsOfKindness goes out to the Applebee’s server Jenna ( evermorelovely ) and I just had. Being that we witnessed a table next to us dine&dash and the next set of assholes that sat there were talking about how they planned on not tipping, tipping her $25 on a $19.23 check seemed like the perfect thing to do.

    Nothing makes you feel better than kindness. Melissa R- whoever you are-I feel you, and I hope this contributions adds a little light to your night.

    One night as a server at PF Chang’s in ABQ I was having a really shitty night and had to deal with rude people, racists, grumps, and jerks.

    I had a two-top of men who were very nice. At the end of their meal one of the men said, “you did a great job of dealing with all those people, man.” And tipped me $100. That dude turned out to be the guy who started PF Chang’s.

    Thanks nice, thoughtful people for making other people’s day.

    Also, I think Kurt Cobain signed that receipt.

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    Summer of ‘69

    In 1969, Life magazine captured street fashions on a hot summer day in the NY City. - Via

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