1. In the same day I happened to watch the episodes of The Leftovers and Masters of Sex that both have Retrograde by James Blake ending the show. 

  2. The New York Times YouTube channel is really great, but not that many people are paying attention to it.

    The Times has had a famously difficult time creating a new media outlet that is true to the paper’s standards and cool. These struggles have been documented by David Carr, in the documentary Page One: A Year In The New York Times, and elsewhere.

    The Times YouTube channel is a mix of quickly paced videos on many subjects like the Hamas built tunnels in Israel (above), Bill Cunningham’s commentary and photography of the latest street fashion, technology innovations in NFL stadiums, food trends, and more. 

    However, only about 370,000 users are subscribed to the Times YouTube channel and most videos only get a few thousand views. For a paper that has between two and three million digital and print subscribers (according to this 2013 press release) most online video watchers are missing out on great reporting.

    370,000 subscribers may seem like a lot in a vacuum, but it is a small percentage of the total YouTube user community and looks tiny in comparison to 21-year-old women who play Minecraft (500,00 subscribers), other news outlets like Al Jazeera English (600,000 subscribers), and single-service entertainment channels like Epic Meal Time (6.45 million subscribers).

    The New York Times is doing great work online, especially in video form, but is very far away from earning it’s own 24 karat gold play button (the trophy YouTube gives to channels with at least 1 million subscribers).

    Check out what the Times is doing on YouTube and see for yourself!

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    No, you’re not seeing double. Welcome back Mostly Mozart Festival Orchestra Music Director Louis Langrée!


  7. Today in Terry teaches kindergarten how to cosplay - Max masks from Where the Wild Things Are!

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    # still the best moment in a tv show ever

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