1. matchbookfire asked: I'm a third shift resident assistant, I take care of disabled people. You didn't come off as creepy!

    Well, good!
    Also, your tattoos are quite lovely/badass.

  2. Dinner in my backyard.
    Savor in the last nights at this house.

  3. shutupkristen:

    Tonights #RandomActsOfKindness goes out to the Applebee’s server Jenna ( evermorelovely ) and I just had. Being that we witnessed a table next to us dine&dash and the next set of assholes that sat there were talking about how they planned on not tipping, tipping her $25 on a $19.23 check seemed like the perfect thing to do.

    Nothing makes you feel better than kindness. Melissa R- whoever you are-I feel you, and I hope this contributions adds a little light to your night.

    One night as a server at PF Chang’s in ABQ I was having a really shitty night and had to deal with rude people, racists, grumps, and jerks.

    I had a two-top of men who were very nice. At the end of their meal one of the men said, “you did a great job of dealing with all those people, man.” And tipped me $100. That dude turned out to be the guy who started PF Chang’s.

    Thanks nice, thoughtful people for making other people’s day.

    Also, I think Kurt Cobain signed that receipt.

  4. midcenturymodernfreak:

    Summer of ‘69

    In 1969, Life magazine captured street fashions on a hot summer day in the NY City. - Via

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  6. crowdedteeth:

    Constellation pattern.

    these would be adorable tattoos

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  7. I think i’ll go to Wondercon tomorrow because…. why not?

    Has anyone gone before and have tips?

    abelhorwitz see you there dude!

  8. Seder prep.

    Table Haggadah with a role for each person.

    Brisket, chicken, kugle, and matzah ball soup a cookin’.

    And I may have slipped in a drawing of Harry Potter as one of the four children.