1. nevver:

    Istanbul, Pejac

  4. daily-superheroes:

    My friend got this picture at NYCC today.

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  5. mattidwan:


    Pressed flower clear phone cases from Flower Cases on Etsy

    i want one!!!

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  6. love

    My students asked me to describe what falling in love feels like. They’re in high school and are a candid group, which is the intention in my class that focuses on learning to navigate teenage life through discussing social situations.  

    I described to them what it is like to think about someone in the context of building a life together — the difference between looking forward to seeing someone on Saturday night and looking forward to sitting at their Thanksgiving table and hearing stories from their family about what they were like as a child. 

    I loved being in love and find it difficult, even now years later, to quantify what it really feels like to know you’re in love. I don’t know if I’m not articulate or clever enough — or that despite thousands of years of literature, poems, and songs describing love… we just can’t do it justice.

    But, what the question and my subsequent insufficient answer helped me realize is that I have been in love… and that is a wonderful gift for which I am very appreciative. Even if it didn’t work out the way we both wish it had.


  7. walking dead spoiler alert

    carol and darryl, i mean, come on that was really something…


    i cry

  8. Work is utterly strange today.